Memories of munitions

NMAM Mem Lane 23 Feb 12. Ranskill Ordnance office
NMAM Mem Lane 23 Feb 12. Ranskill Ordnance office
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This photograph was submitted by Stuart Flint of Wirksworth and shows his aunty, Doris Walker, at Ranskill Ordnance Factory offices.

She is positioned on the front row on the far left.

During the Second World War, the factory was a UK Ministry of Supply, Explosive ROF (Royal Ordnance Factory). Its construction was approved in 1940 and it was built, with the Ministry of Works acting as agents, as an almost self-contained, explosive factory producing Cordite – a replacement for traditional gunpowder.

It was the last Cordite-producing factory to be built in the UK during the war and was the smallest of the three Cordite ROFs.

It ceased production in 1945, at the end of the war, but was retained by the ROF organisation until 1975 on a care and maintenance basis.

The production plant was broken up from 1975.

The site has since been landscaped with very few buildings surviving; and has been used as a waste disposal site for some time.