Don’t let our town become the same as everywhere else

I strongly disagree with the views published recently in your letters column stating that the majority of people in Bakewell welcome Costa to the town.

Please can I assure you that it is clear from recent petitions that the majority of residents and visitors do not welcome this company to the town.

The outlet will take custom from other traders. It is obvious this unit will not attract any extra visitors to the town therefore if the same number of visitors will come it is inevitable that trade will be taken away from existing businesses.

Our local coffee shops use local suppliers this will have a knock on effect to the local economy. The company have issued a statement saying they will not use local suppliers.

Times are difficult enough for Bakewell and existing businesses, we have some lovely distinctive cafés around town we don’t need more.

Bakewell is a unique town made up, in the main, of small independent traders. Individual interesting shops attract tourists to the area. Costa coffee will not bring any new visitors to the town just dilute the custom we have.

People like to come to Bakewell because of the individual traders, because it is unusual and unique.

Please can we be forward thinking enough to retain the difference other tourist destinations are trying to recreate?

If we become the same as everywhere else, visitors will not bother to come.

Joyce Janes