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Thursday August 27

Buxton Opera House. Bless The Bride. Until August 29.

Buxton Opera House. These You Have Loved. Also August 28.

Chesterfield Pomegranate Theatre. The Most Ordinary Place in the World. Until August 29.

Chesterfield Winding Wheel. Spotlight Comedy Club Crooked Smile Best New Act 2009.

Derby Rockhouse. Club NME.

Derby Vic. We Are The Carnnivorz.

Mansfield Palace Theatre. Expressions School of Performing Arts. Until August 30.

Nottingham Theatre Royal. Strictly Murder. Until August 29.

Sheffield Plug. Jump Around - Pre Bank Holiday Shades Party.

Sheffield 02 Academy. Invisible Idols.

Friday August 28

Derby Rockhouse. Mark Morriss (The Bluetones), Capper, The Telephones, Tom Campbell.

Derby Vic. Long Day Fear, The Hard Luck Saints, Downwardfall.

Sheffield Plug. Reflective Classics - Bassline Classics and Speed Garage Anthems.

Sheffield Plug. Rewind Disko.

Sheffield City Hall. Last Laugh Comedy Club. John Scott, Toby Foster (compere), Toby Hadoke. Also August 29.

Saturday August 29

Derby Rockhouse. Green Days.

Derby Vic. Sins Of The Father, Enemo-j, Skies In Motion, Nhilus, Invey, Extreme Od, Sanhedrin, Razorwire, Corpsex, White Hazzard.

Nottingham Rescue Rooms. New Found Glory, International Superheroes Of Hardcore.

Nottingham Rescue Rooms. Pete Jordan, Dave Congreve.

Sheffield Boardwalk. Bon Jovi Experience.

Sheffield City Hall. Hotpants.

Sheffield Plug. Drew Scott and Wig Party.

Sunday August 30

Derby Rockhouse. Fest Fatale II: hAND, Scarlets Wake, Drag.

Derby Vic. Kings Of The Delmar, The Maybeez.

Sheffield Boardwalk. Deborah Bonham Band.

Sheffield Plug. The Gigcartel Presents A Flock of Seagulls and Scarlett Soho.

Monday August 31

Buxton Opera House. Tweenies Live! - Top of the Tots.

Chesterfield Grouse. Grouse Fest including The 3LC.

Derby Rockhouse. Subhumans.

Nottingham Theatre Royal. The Late Edwina Black. Until September 5.

Sheffield Boardwalk. Neon House Funk, Kenny V, Searching For Evidence, Masic.

Tuesday September 1

Mansfield Palace Theatre. Allo Allo. Until September 5.

Wednesday September 2

Derby Rockhouse. A Wilhelm Scream, Battle Of Kruger, Hoofbite, Death Defying Life.

Derby Vic. Bleed From Within, Desolated, The Torture Of Comacine, Alista Skye, Oribine.

Buxton Opera House. The Tart & The Vicar's Wife. Until September 5.

Thursday September 3

Derby Assembly Rooms Great Hall. Tim Minchin: Ready For This?

Derby Rockhouse. Club NME: Bitter Pills, Tilted Smile, The Longnines.

Sheffield Lyceum. Sing-along-a-Hairspray.

Sheffield Leadmill. Dinosaur JR.

Nottingham Rock City. Nektar.

Sheffield Boardwalk. Think Floyd.

Friday September 4

Buxton The Old Clubhouse. Buxton Buzz Comedy Club.

Derby Assembly Rooms Darwin Suite. The Incompatible Otway and Barrett.

Derby City Centre. Derby Fest09. Until September 6.

Derby Flowerpot. The Wholigans.

Derby Rockhouse. The Troubadours, Young Guns (2).

Derby Vic. Patchwork Grace.

Nottingham Playhouse. Blithe Spirit. Until September 26.

Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. We'll Meet Again.

Sheffield Boardwalk. T Rextasy.

Sheffield City Hall. Last Laugh Comedy Club. Toby Foster (compere), Bobby Sparkler, Kevin Dewsbury. Also September 5.

Sheffield Plug. Jack & The Beanstalks, Shot Dead, Goodnight Anita, Blindshot.

Sheffield Plug. Planet Zogg Ninth Birthday.