VIDEO: Matlock Movies in the Park event was a ‘fantastic day’

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A unique community event that saw Matlock’s Hall Leys Park call lights, camera action last weekend has been hailed by the organiser as a ‘fantastic’ day.

Scores of people turned out to the Maazi Movies in the Park event, which took place on Saturday in association with Morclean and Zhivago Jewellery and saw three films screened outdoors.

Despite a bit of rain in the late afternoon, Despicable Me, Frozen and Grease were all screened successfully throughout the day.

Irfan Shabir, owner of Maazi Restaurant and organiser of the event, said that people turned out in full force to make the event a ‘fantastic day’.

He added: “I’m ecstatic, there was a great atmosphere, people loved the whole day and that’s what Matlock’s about, we need to create an exciting town.

“It was a fantastic day, largely as the rain held off, but there was a great turnout as people came out in full force.

“A few left after the rain but a good number of people stayed, there were a group of people who were going to stay regardless of the weather

“Given that we did it in 30 days, it was a fantastic achievement in the short space of time, I’m recovering now from all the hard work.”

To view a video of the event, click on the link above.




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