VIDEO: Wirksworth pupils sing to raise cash

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Musical youngsters have been singing their hearts out to raise money for a new outdoor classroom.

Children at Wirksworth Junior School in Wash Green have produced a CD of songs and instrumental pieces to help raise the £12,000 needed for the new facility.

Barbara Southam, school business manager, said: “Every child in school was involved in some way.

“We had children from our choir and individual classes, we also had children playing instruments.”

The youngsters performed a range of music from traditional folk songs to modern day pop songs such as Happy by Pharrell Williams.

“They children were all excited to take part,” Mrs Southam added. “They have been practicing for a couple of weeks.”

The school launched a fundraising bid earlier this year to raise the cash needed for the outdoor classroom.

One parent took part in the half marathon Derby Ramathon at the beginning of the month, raising several hundred pounds for the cause, and a cake sale has also contributed to the fund.

The outdoor classroom will be a wooden construction with open sides, allowing youngsters to learn outside while protecting them from the weather.

Head teacher Lesley Grover explained: “Children are so used to being inside doing things on computers.

“I find children are thinking if it’s raining they can’t go outside and work, but working outside in nature is a significant benefit and a significant change to their routine.

“The other advantage is it would be available for the community to use, so if there was a group that wanted to meet their we could talk to them about it.”

The CD will be available from the school in Wash Green at a cost of £5.99.

To view a video of the children singing click onthe link above.




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