Matlock says ‘no’ to parking scheme

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NEWS: News.

People living in Matlock have rejected a residents’ parking scheme.

More than 1,800 residents and businesses in Matlock were asked for their views in a survey which was delivered in June.

Of the responses received 140 were in favour of a residents’ parking scheme and 577 were not in favour. Of the total number of households and businesses in the area only 7.7% responded to say that they were in favour of a residents’ parking scheme, with 92.3% either not in favour or did not return the questionnaire.

There were mixed views from the roads closest to County Hall. Only 7 responses were received from Hopewell Road, 4 in favour and 3 not in favour, Smedley Street East, with 20 responses had 10 in favour and 10 against and Bank Road with 6 in favour and 5 not in favour.

Derbyshire County Council’s Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, Councillor Andy Botham said: “We were asked to have a look at putting in a residents’ parking scheme by a number of local residents who live close to County Hall.

“So we looked carefully at the area and proposed quite a large scheme. From the feedback we’ve had it is clear that only a very small number of local people – 7.7% of those we asked actually want a residents’ parking scheme.

“We do understand that there are some local people that are frustrated that sometimes council officers park their cars on the street they live on so we are looking at what we can to persuade more employees to use public transport and car share.

“Many people have said to me that we need to increase the amount of car parking at County Hall – but that is just not an option. We did have plans to create more parking at Chatsworth Hall, but in these current tough financial times we just can’t find the money to do this.

The area that the council suggested could be suitable for a residents’ parking scheme is from Steep Turnpike, Chesterfield Road and the A6, and includes Smedley Street, Hurds Hollow, the Megdale estate, Cavendish estate and all roads off.

The current charge in Derbyshire for an annual residents’ parking permit is £35 for the first vehicle and £50 for second vehicles, with daily or annual visitors permits available.