Tansley mum dies after lethal dose of methadone

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The tragic death of a mum-of-five was caused by an accidental drugs overdose.

Angela Smith, 31, of Tansley, took a lethal amount of methadone on the night of October 17, 2012, an inquest heard this week.

She was discovered dead the next morning by her boyfriend, Ricky Keetley.

Coroner James Newman said the death was a “tragic” waste of life which had deprived five children of a “loving and caring” mother.

Angela, who had a history of addiction to the painkiller tramadol, had lived in Tansley for two years.

Accompanied by partner Ricky, Angela moved from South Yorkshire after falling in love with Matlock on a day trip some years before.

Owing to difficulties within Angela and Rick’s relationship, the couple were housed separately by a local charity.

On October 17, the pair had been shopping, had visited social services, taken their two children to the park, then returned to Ricky’s house, in Dale Road, Matlock.

After putting their two children to bed, the couple stayed up with Ricky’s house mates.

Deborah Harmen, who shared the house with Ricky, recalled: “My partner and Ricky were up drinking. But Angela went to bed early because she was tired.

“I went up to see her later on and she seemed so drowsy and was slurring her words.”

She added: “I knew Angela was on tramadol and when she couldn’t get hold of it would take methadone, but I didn’t know if she was always that out-of-it later at night.”

The next morning, Deborah was awoken by Ricky banging at her door.

“I opened the door and Ricky was doubled over, he could hardly speak. He just screamed ‘help, help, Angela’,” said Deborah.

Deborah ran to Ricky’s room to discover Angela still, with blue lips. Deborah tried CPR, but paramedics pronounced her dead on arrival.

Coroner James Newman recorded a verdict of accidental death, caused by a methadone overdose.