Traffic light chaos: Something needs to be done

After reading your article regarding the ‘Traffic Lights causing congestion chaos’, what Mr Furnival says is absolutely true.

I am employed as a bus driver on the 6.1 service which operates through this junction and its always the same when the big summer school holiday break is on.

The sequence of the lights appears to have been changed to stay green on the A6 Derby road section for longer to encourage movement of traffic on the A6.

As at holiday times traffic can easily build up back towards Whatstandwell, northbound and through Masson Mill towards Cromford, southbound, causing long delays, so the timing of the lights are altered to alleviate this, but then the other roads leading into this junction, the timings are shorter and so causing longer queues down Cromford Hill.

Quite often I’m travelling down from Wirksworth and hit the queues halfway down Cromford Hill. Like Mr Furnival says, something needs doing. Motorists are ‘pushing’ their way from the Via Gellia junction into Cromford Hill junction and the queues build up the hill and also up the Via Gellia road.

All are waiting for the traffic lights to change. And then when they do change, they are only letting a few vehicles through before changing back to red. This does not really clear the traffic queues, and so motorists are getting frustrated.

Maybe they could operate a box junction at the junction of Via Gellia. But then, how many motorists are going to observe it???

It’s the same coming from the direction of Masson Mill for traffic turning right to go up Cromford Hill.

Ok… There is a filter light on the junction for right-turning traffic, which is activated when vehicles move forward to await turning right, but motorists who are not familiar with the system stay back at the white line thus not activating the filter so causing a backlog of traffic from Masson Mill.

We have a tight schedule to run on our services through this area and at this time of the year we can lose valuable travel time stuck in traffic queues at this junction.

Jane Plummer

Via emai