‘Ben Hunter will give us something different’

james griffiths
james griffiths


Hello Gladiator Nation, my name is James Griffiths and welcome back to my weekly column only in the Matlock Mercury, first off I’d like to thank all the positive feedback that I got from my first column, I’m glad people are enjoying reading the trials and tribulations of being a Matlock Town fan, now let’s get into the good stuff.

Firstly, this week saw the departure of Glyn Cotton and the arrival of Ben Hunter, now I must admit that I was a fan of Cotton but when the gaffer revealed he wanted to leave then I wouldn’t want a player at the club who doesn’t want to be there.

The arrival of Ben Hunter is a smart one as it will give us something different in midfield.

He is a player who can cross the ball and spread play should he need to plus in his first spell at the club he scored a cracking goal against Kendal Town where he caught the ball on the volley at the edge of the area to smash the ball home.

Saturday (January 12) we matched up against a Grantham Town side and with five goals in the first half it was quite a spectacle to withhold, very much worth the £9 attendance fee for an adult.

A to-and-fro first half saw Matlock take the lead when Lewis McMahon stepped up to find the goal in the sixth minute but Grantham would reply only moments later with a ball that was correctly, in my opinion, judged to go over the line.

But Matlock would soon retake the lead as Bradley Grayson - or Trigger as I call him after the Only Fools And Horses character - would get the ball crossed into him and after hitting his first shot at the keeper, he wasn’t going to miss the follow-up.

The lead again would not last long after Grantham superbly made it 2-2 with a 20-yard shot that beat Kennedy in the goal, meaning that Matlock needed a Massiah - and luckily they found him.

Massiah McDonald put Matlock back in front with a mesmerising run from the half way line after a pass from Lewis McMahon to then superbly place the ball home and make it 3-2.

And that’s the way things would finish with a lovely three points in the bag for Matlock Town.

However, a hilarious moment would happen towards the end of the second half with the ref appearing to give a Grantham Town player a red card and then a yellow card to the bemusement of everybody in the ground, but after it was revealed that the ref had in fact got his yellow and red card stuck together - only in non league hey?!

That’s it for my column this week, if you wish to view highlights of Matlock Town against Grantham Town then you can on the Matlock Town FC website.