Karate kids are in the medals at IKKU event

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Three young members of Holloway-based High Peak Kyokushin have returned with medals from the inaugural Independent Kyokushin Karate Union (IKKU) inter-club tournament in Hertfordshire.

The event took place in Little Hadham on Saturday with over 60 students from six clubs taking part, entered into three different categories of Knockdown Kumite, a style of karate where the juniors wear headguards and body armour and are allowed to attack each other ‘full contact’ with scores awarded for knocking down an opponent or a clean and controlled kick to the head.

For Finlay Surgey (9 years category) and Harrison Surgey (10-11 category) it was their first experience of anything outside of the club. Despite fierce competition they both won their initial qualifiers and went on to compete in two further fights each and achieve a well-earned first place in each category.

Archie Neville then took part in the 12-13 category against considerably more experienced competitors. He won his first hard fight against a significantly heavier opponent. Despite receiving a punch to the throat (foul), Archie continued without a fuss and was commended by the chief referee for his style and technical ability.

He even gained spontaneous applause from the crowd when he attempted ‘tobi mae geri’ and ‘tobi nidan geri’ (jumping double kicks) rather than just using simple techniques.

This continued in the following two fights, with Archie winning both cleanly by ‘jodan mawashi geri’ (head kick) and even a strong ‘mae geri’ (pushing kick) in the final.

Senpai Pete, Dojo Operator of High Peak said: “Finlay and Harrison put in amazing displays considering it was their first competition. The end result of three first places for the three students entered is a reflection of the hard work and commitment they have made in training recently.”