Jesters MMA Club kids making grade

Jesters MMA Club award winning members. Feb 2011
Jesters MMA Club award winning members. Feb 2011
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Jesters MMA Club Matlock held its grading day at the weekend.

Students were successful in gaining their grading, from the white belt all the way up to the brown belt white tag.

All of the students have trained really hard in the run-up to grading day.

This was followed by a gruelling three hours of grading for the higher grades that not only tested their technical abilities but also challenged their fitness levels.

Club leaders say that a fantastic day was had by all.

Instructors and the students’ parents were very impressed and proud at how the day went, not to mention the quality of technical knowledge displayed by even the youngest students.

These ranged in age from eight years up to the oldest student taking part, in the 13 year old category.

If anyone is interested in learning more from Jesters MMA Club’s own mixed martial arts syllabus, you can call Mark Ball for further information on 07825 876177.