Pacey tale from youth theatre company

Kaleidoscope Youth Theatre Company students (aged 14 to 17) are busy rehearsing for their latest drama production, James Graham’s Bassett, which will be taking place at Pavilion Arts Centre on Friday and Saturday, April 11-12.

It’s the citizenship class at Wootton Bassett School and the supply teacher has done a runner, locking the pupils in.

That’s bad enough, but tensions are higher today than normal, a day when only yards from their confinement a repatriation of fallen British soldiers is happening along the high street – as it has over a 100 times before through this quiet Wiltshire town.

And this one is more personal than most… Dean needs the toilet, Aimee needs a coffee, and Leo… well, Leo really, really wants to be at the repat and is determined to escape. As factions form and secrets are revealed, maybe he’s not the only one who’ll want to get away.

Bassett is a pacey, funny and exhausting look at young people who have inherited a world at war.

The show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are £7. Call 0845 127 2190.