Discover secretof film world'sspecial effects

Film lovers can take a look behind the scenes of some of the nation's favourite movies and

Wednesday, 20th July 2016, 6:00 am
The Hollywood Special Effects Show at The Lowry Salford on the 3rd and 4th of June 2016

discover the secrets to the special effects which are seen on the big screen.

The Hollywood Special Effects Show is coming to town as part of the Buxton Family Festival.

Join the show’s professionals for an insight into the world of special effects and the science behind them.

Feel the heat from an onstage inferno, marvel at gruesome sci-fi monsters, be blown away by apocalyptic weather and hold on tight through huge explosions!

The animatronic dinosaur which appears in the production was built by specialists in Japan whilst the large air cannon used in the finale of the show is capable of firing a projectile over 500 metres.

For ages six and over, the production uses more pyrotechnics than any other UK touring theatre show and has been selected as one of two productions to appear at the 2016 Big Bang Fair, the largest science fair in the UK.

Described by critics as ‘a mixture of Brainiac and Mythbusters’, the event at Buxton Opera House is a great way to get kids inspired by science.

The Hollywood Special Effects Show on Sunday, August 14, starts at 7pm. Tickets £14.50. Contact 01298 72190 or