Guitarist Barry Blood’s master recordings restored by his son

A music producer who grew up in Buxton has restored and remastered his late father’s recordings for the digital age.

Wednesday, 7th January 2015, 2:40 pm
Barry Blood record release
Barry Blood record release

Steve Blood lived in the town during the 70s and 80s. His dad Barry, a guitarist, played in many bands in the north-west for three decades.

Barry was a leading figure in the Manchester music scene from the 60s onwards when his band The Trixons supported The Beatles at the Pavilion Gardens in 1963. He worked as a session guitarist for Shane Fenton/Alvin Stardust and wrote, recorded and toured Europe with The Blood Band.

In 1985, Barry’s song Killing Time featured on BBC’s EastEnders during a romantic storyline between Den and Angie Watts.

Twenty-five years after Barry’s death at the age of 45, his son Steve, who lives in London, has released a single of his dad’s work on iTunes, Spotify and all other digital platforms.

The three-track single is on Steve’s Bad Dads Club label. Tracks are: She’s the Queen of My Rock and Roll World, released as a 7ins single on Barry’s Wrechord Records label in 1982 and currently attracting high prices for its rarity; Safari, an instrumental recording from 1975; and Casino, from 1985, which shows the development of Barry’s production technique fusing rock solos over a pop production.