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Here are your rights for online shopping

I bought a pair of trainers from a private seller on an online marketplace. The advert said they were Asics but when they arrived the branding said Basics. They are clearly not what was advertised and they are terrible quality. Do I have any rights? What can I do?

Is our reliance on technology making us lazy?

Is our reliance on technology making us lazy?

Mobile phones and iPads aside, it doesn’t seem like we have advanced too much over the past decade. Let’s face it, we aren’t living in the fantasy world that Marty McFly visited in ‘Back to the Future’. There may be no flying cars or holographic waiters as of yet, but compared to when I was a child, technology is advancing at a scarily fast pace, writes Abbie Dodson.

Boi Bumba festival in Brazil.

Amazing Amazon adventure

I watched a TV documentary on the mighty Amazon and was smitten, however my wife fancied a Caribbean cruise. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines solved the domestic, as their good ship Braemar was visiting the Amazon region along with four Caribbean islands, writes Chris Hutchinson.

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Derbyshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Hardyal Dhindsa.

Growth in frontline policing numbers will help protect communities

Every PCC and chief constable strives to protect their communities with the very best resources, technology and personnel. The years of austerity have crippled our ability to do this but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel with provision being made to grow our frontline again and increase the safety of local people.

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People must be encouraged to speak up about their mental illness

Naturally, as a therapist I have always been a proponent of people disclosing and feeling comfortable enough to speak out about their emotional anguish.

In Western, contemporary UK society we are beginning to see a decrease in the stigma attached to mental illness, writes Jason Hanson.

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