RESCUE ME: Can you give Buster the staffy cross a home?

Buster Singing the Baby Blues'¦

Friday, 19th January 2018, 9:52 am
Updated Friday, 19th January 2018, 9:55 am

Nine months ago a boy was born, gasping at the air of new life, searching for that motherly connection. A writhing, brindled shape that could’ve fit into a single open palm.

For this brief moment all was well with the world. Such a state never tends to last though, does it? Nine months on he is searching anew. Not for mother and her milk but for family, for home and for love. Buster is a puppy having to make his way in a dog’s world. Let’s help him.

Buster is still at that stage in life where everything is worthy of exhilaration. New people. Familiar people. Dogs barking. Leaves blowing. Toys squeaking. Cuddles. His food. Everyone else’s food. Blankets billowing. The sun rising. Clouds moving. Everything is a source of joy for him and it must be an amazing way to see the world. This does, however, mean that Buster is a dog with a lot of energy and excitement to share.

A sociable boy to his very core, Buster adores being around people and/or other dogs - as long as they can put up with his inability to be still for even a second! - His face lights up whenever you go to see him and to spend time with him. As great as it is to see this side of him it is, in equal part, utterly heartbreaking, knowing that we cannot offer him that one-to-one care and attention that can only be had with a home of his own. A loving home with his name written all over it.

Clever and beautiful. Affectionate and playful. Buster is a special pup who, nine months in, is still searching for a true home, a soil into which he can bury his roots and blossom. And blossom he will, of that there is no doubt. Buster would be best placed in a home with secondary school-aged children, he can live with another dog (provided they don’t mind playtime), but would probably benefit from an experienced home who can help teach him some boundaries and can help him feel secure enough to settle down and relax on occasion.

What home wouldn’t benefit from a boy who is so fantastic? His selfless character could brighten any morning. His delightful spirit could quell any chill. Surely there is someone waiting just for him? Surely?

If you are interested in brilliant Buster then please get in touch with us on 01246 273358. Please.

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