A clock for Mr Hancock

carriage clock retirement teacher
carriage clock retirement teacher

There was a glittering prize for a retired headteacher to thank him for his years of tireless service

A brass-bound striking clock was presented to retired headteacher Joseph Hancock in 1978.

The headteacher of Darley Dale County Primary School from 1932 to 1952, he was then appointed headteacher of Darley County Secondary School when it opened.

He retired in 1964 after 40 years in teaching.

Mr Hancock joined the National Union of Teachers in 1921 and held office until 1935, serving as secretary and later president of the Matlock association.

He also served as the president of the Derbyshire association and secretary of the Retired Teachers Association.

It was for this work that he received the clock from Frank Turberville, chairman of the RTA.

In this picture, he is seen with his wife, Mrs Hancock, and colleague Douglas Brown.

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