Badminton first at hall

editorial image

THIs photo was sent in by Brian Croasdale, who is involved with the local Matlock and District Table Tennis League.

However, this picture is from a badminton tournament snapped some years ago.

It was the first held at the Parochial Hall in Matlock Bath, and attract

ed 44 members from five clubs taking part, including Matlock Mixed Club, Spa and Bakewell and Rowsley Badminton Club

It was held over five days.

Presenting the winning trophies was Mr F Boardman, former secretary of the Matlock Badminton Club, who said it gave him great pleasure to see the success of the first tournament.

He had hopes that the league would soon be in a position to hold an open tournament.

Pictured on the front row from left to right is Mrs A Steward, MP Dawson, EH Roberts, M Todd and B Sharpe.

On the back row from left to right is is Mr E Bevan, PM Beaun, KN Black, M Mee and RD Dimbleby.