Bakewell Square shot nearly 90 years ago

Memory lane 26/1/12 Bakewell 1923
Memory lane 26/1/12 Bakewell 1923

At a quick glance it would appear that The Square in Bakewell has hardly changed in the 89 years since this photograph was taken. The Rutland Arms Hotel, the church, the war memorial and much of the buildings look almost the same in 2012 as they did in 1923.

However, with a closer look you notice the beautiful looking old-fashioned vehicles, brief glimpses of horse-drawn traffic and country gentleman walking dogs and donning their hats and tweeds.

The Square has a much more open-plan feel to it without the modernities of the 21st Century. No bus stops, traffic or roundabout.

The Bath Gardens also appears to be off-limits to the public with high fences surrounding their entrance.