Carnival time in 1952

MEM LAne pic for 24/11
MEM LAne pic for 24/11

DARLEY Dale’s first carnival after the war was held in 1952, when 15-year-old Marian White was crowned the queen by Mrs JS Wain of The Holt, Two Dales.

Her attendants were Miss Hilary Bowler and Miss Mavis Fearn, with Adrian Charlesworth as her pageboy.

Over 600 people watched the ceremony which took place on the terrace at the Whitworth Institute.

The proceedings then moved to the football field where a ladies match was held and Darley Dale Band played selections of music throughout the afternoon.

The carnival was revived by the band to raise money for new instruments.

Those pictured with the queen include George Gilberthorpe, AG Groome, Alf Hanson, band president Mr Wain, Harold Gill, W Webster, Caroline Smith and bandsmen Dyson Charlesworth, Jim Garrity, Jack Boden and Fred Allison.

The carnival in Darley Dale was stopped six years ago and plans to revive it in 2009 led to a carnival and fun day being held last year.