Chesterfield Theatre Company's bewitching drama

Chesterfield Theatre Company has chosen a contemporary drama - The Scottish Play by Graham Holliday '“ for its next production.

Wednesday, 17th May 2017, 5:30 pm
Chesterfield Theatre Company members Simon Gordon, Nigel Timperley and Ros Hokin rehearse for The Scottish Play.

Set in various locations, it features a local amateur dramatics group, The Shellsfoot Thespians, and the Shakespearan ambitions of one of its members. Michael is increasingly disillusioned with the same old lightweight plays and is desperate to stage Macbeth, but he has to convince the rest of the group and once he has managed that, he still has to get over a number of other obstacles. Squabbles over casting, issues with money, even the church hall threatening to ban the use of witches…all stand in Michael’s way as the production gradually becomes an obsession.

A large cast includes Simon Gordon as the obsessive Michael, Nigel Timperley as Frank and Sue Turner as the conniving Geraldine. Joanne Gordon appears as the hapless theatrical ‘widow’ Lynne, and Rob Wallace is handyman Alan. Other cast members include Rosalie Hoskin as the eager, but hopeless Barbara, Harry Holloway, Michael’s patient estate agent boss and Ruth Higginbottom, Heather Beresford and Linda Robbins who are the three witches.

The director is David Holmes.

The play will be performed at the Rose Theatre, Rose Hill, Chesterfield from May 25th to 27th. Tickets are £12 each and are available from the box office 01236 271540 or online