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Joseph & Ellen Statham of Riber.

Joseph Statham & Ellen Fining lived in the Tansley area in the 1880s-1890s. They were married in Chesterfield in 1900 but returned to live at Riber between 1900 – 1915. Joseph, a widower, had a baby daughter Emily and he and Ellen also had a daughter called Doris May.

Joseph may have passed away around 1915 because after this date Ellen lived as a single woman in Derby. She was registered at Whitecross St between 1920 – 1922.

Ellen’s sister, Annie Cannon, also lived in Tansley. She married John Ellis in 1895 and I believe John was publican at the White Lion, in Starkholmes, around 1901.

Annie passed away in 1963 at Rest Cottages, Tansley, aged 89.

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