Dream home for an artist

fern cottage wirksworth
fern cottage wirksworth

Fern Cottage, West End, Wirksworth, £239,500. Last week I promised you a tiny cottage with a view of a church spire.

Well I got one bit of it right as there are charming views across the rooftops of Wirksworth from this cottage.

fern cottage wirksworth

fern cottage wirksworth

What I was wrong about was it being tiny. You would never describe this home as huge but Fern Cottage certainly has Tardis qualities and can only really be described as quirky.

I was bowled over as soon as I stepped through the door as I am a sucker for simplicity and the period features which this little house has in droves.

Owner Anne Bradley has made the most of every inch of space while managing to maintain the uncluttered look and although she is wanting to move on you can tell she just adores her home.

She has researched its history and is pretty certain that a cast iron pillar supporting a first floor landing from the outside is part of an Arkwright Mill. Family members owned the cottage in the 19th century, so it likely she is right.

fern cottage wirksworth

fern cottage wirksworth

At that time the space she now uses as a dining room with French doors opening on to a paved terrace at the back of the house would have been a barn.

Estate agent Paul Rodgerson who is selling the house for Anne says this room would be perfect as an artist’s studio but personally I think this accolade should to go the bedroom at the top of the house.

On the second floor with skylights to both sides this room just aching to be used by a painter.

If you have no need for three bedrooms but a desire to be creative then this is the perfect house for you.

fern cottage wirksworth

fern cottage wirksworth

If you do want three bedrooms then you can always use the dining room for your inspiration as Mr Rodgerson suggests.

The sitting room has fine oak beams but the ceiling isn’t too low so the room, although small, still looks and feels quite spacious.

If you go to look around the house make sure you ask to see the dog grate in the fireplace. It is possible Anne will have it hidden by her artwork. She had the grate made by a local craftsman to her own design and it is definitely special.

I am surprised she is leaving it behind but she may be heading off to Oz with her partner John Nestor and I don’t suppose they have much call for open fires in Brisbane.

The one room which will need its owner to prefer a lack of clutter is the kitchen. It is small but perfectly functional and full of Anne’s trademark quirky style.

For those of you whose main worry is the bathroom situation, then you should know that yes, there is a downstairs loo and shower and upstairs there is a cute bathroom with terrific views over towards Bolehill.

As this house is in the centre of Wirksworth (it is within yards of the Market Place) you wouldn’t expect a huge garden and you don’t get one, but Anne has made her small space look gorgeous.

As well as the paved area outside the French doors she also has a small patio area with a pretty flower border.

She assures me the sun (when it is out) gets on to one in the morning and the other later in the day – I just can’t quite remember which way around it was now so accept my apologies and if you want to know you will have to go and see for yourself.

To book a viewing contact Paul Rodgerson & Co on 01629 823008. For more pictures go to the estate agent’s site www.paulrodgerson.co.uk