Flags of our grandfathers

Matlock Signallers, 1914, submitted by David Bailey
Matlock Signallers, 1914, submitted by David Bailey

Just who were these mysterious boys – and what did they do with their flags?

That’s the puzzle we’re trying to solve on the Memory Lane pages this week.

Reader David Bailey brought in this picture of a group of likely looking lads.

His picture identifies the boys as the Matlock Signallers and was printed in the local paper accompanied by the caption Local Patriots 1914.

It is not clear what the purpose of the Matlock Signallers was.

David’s grandfather Stephen Bailey is third from the left in the picture.

David said: “He was born in 1914, so he would have been 15 in this photograph.

“He was in the navy in the war and he served as a gunner on an oil tanker. He always said that he never fired a shot in anger.”

The full line up is C Daniels, RS Baumber, SW Bailey, G Cocking, instructor ED Edwards, JJ Shaw and E Holmes.