Floods hit town again

Memory lane Matlock floods
Memory lane Matlock floods

This dramatic photograph was also brought in to the office by David Chatfield.

Five years after major floods raged through the town centre (above) the town was once more engulfed by a wall of water in 1965.

This picture from the Derbyshire Times archive captures the devaststaion that unfolded as Crown Square, Causeway Lane and Bakewell Road were lost under six feet of water.

Matlock town councillor David Barker, then a 26-year-old bank worker, said: “I remember seeing one vehicle trying to drive through Crown Square when the force created a wave which smashed the window of a shop which was then Guessy’s. It was quite an event for us.

“The spirit was great and everyone rallied round to do their bit to help clean up the town.