Hotel gives the insight

Wedding party outside the Holly Bush for Mem Lane
Wedding party outside the Holly Bush for Mem Lane

HERE is a submitted shot that shows a couple’s big day with the wedding party posing for the shot.

Although there is no indication of when it was snapped, the style of clothing, and particularly the hats, suggests it was sometime in the early 20th century.

The bride and groom can be seen seated at the front, flanked by a young pageboy and a flower girl.

But while the finer details may remain a mystery, the words Holly Bush can clearly be seen above the door of the building, suggesting it was the Holly Bush Hotel at Grangemill.

A look at more modern photographs of the hotel on the internet confirms it is the exact same building which stands on the crossroads of the A5012 and the B5056 between Longcliffe and Winster.

Some of the windows remain very much the same today as they do in the old photograph, although the signage has been updated.

The building is said to be an old coach house dating back to the 16th century.