Looking back

50 years ago

Saturday, May 13, 1961

raft race: Matlock’s raft race was described as a “colossal success”. A collection of colourful and comical rafts set off downstream in the placid waters alongside the Hall Leys Pleasure Ground. Spectators roared approval from the banks as Maureen Emerson and Pat Volsey were declared winners of the memorable event, organised by the Training College. Miss G. E. Allen, principal of the college visited a nearby sweet shop and presented the winners with a stick of rock.

30 years ago

Friday, May 15, 1981

holiday became mirage: Matlock couple Derek and Doreen Gouge and son Barry had worked hard to save for a dream holiday in the sun. But the family’s plans for a break on Tunisia’s golden sands sadly went astray after they were caught up in the passport chaos of the civil servants strike. The family had to forget their holiday in Tunisia and settle for a trip to Malta instead where only the much more easily-obtained visitor passports were required.

ten years ago

Thursday May 10, 2001

Barman is life-saver: A quick-thinking barman was hailed a hero by workmates after rescuing a woman thought to have slashed her wrists. Jason Wilbraham, 25, told how he helped the blood-soaked woman at the Queen’s Arms, in Bakewell, by stemming the blood flow with a towel. Jason, of Matlock Road, said: “Maybe I did save her life but I was just doing my job.” The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment.