REVIEW AND VIDEO: Magnificent Marvel Universe Live show packs a spectacular punch

The comic-book superheroes and villains of the Marvel universe were brought to life in spectacular, explosive and awe-inspiring style at Nottingham's Motorpoint Arena.

Thursday, 8th September 2016, 1:55 pm
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 6:06 pm

The stunning show, Marvel Universe Live, packed a real punch as the likes of Ironman, Thor, Captain America and Spiderman did battle with the likes of Loki, The Green Goblin and Red Skull.

The battle lines are drawn as Loki (Thor’s brother) seeks to harness the power of the cosmic cube, the Tesseract, which previously belonged to the god Odin, and rule the earth.

It is a battle against time for the Avengers supported by X-Men and a band of equally gifted heroes. The fate of the universe depends on the result.

In a magnificent feat of choreography — combined with high-tech screens, pyrotechnics and what seemed like miles of rigging and props — the cast took to a variety of vehicles and flew through the air as fight scenes with a Hollywood edge enveloped the set.

From the head of the Statue of Liberty in which Thor battled the likes of Rhino and Doc. Oc, to white-knuckle motorcycle stunts, the action was fast-paced and incredibly slick.

But it wasn’t simply all show and no substance, there was a genuine comic-book story threaded through the action to delight Marvel fans young and old.

Children could be seen in the audience, mouths open wide and unable to take their eyes off the action, which was ably narrated by Ironman’s computer sidekick Jarvis.

Throw into the bargain a search to rescue X-Men Cyclops and Storm and the arrival of a gigantic incredible Hulk, as you can imagine this show is an assault on the senses that reaches a crescendo of a climax.

While the heroes on show are those of fiction, in this live show the real heroes are the actors and stuntmen who are nothing short of spectacular.

The hard work that must have gone into creating such a polished, professional and seamless event is simply mind-boggling, all tied together with vision by the likes of producers Kenneth and Juliette Feld, concept creator, director and co-writer Shanda Sawyer, writers Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson Labracio and stunt co-ordinator Andy Armstrong among many others.

An unbelievable, groundbreaking and dynamic shot that is a real sight to behold.

Marvel Universe Live continues its run in Nottingham until Sunday and is elsewhere in the UK until September 25 before returning on Boxing Day and staging shows into the New Year with European dates also lined up.

To book tickets locally visit the Motorpoint Arena website by clicking here.

Alternatively, visit the Marvel Universe Live website by clicking here.