Scouting for festivities

Mem Lane March 3
Mem Lane March 3

There are plenty of smiling faces on this photograph, also sent in by Starkholmes resident, Kevin Butler.

And there is reason to celebrate as it shows the 15th Matlock Scouts’ Christmas party also from around the early 1950s.

Scoutmaster Reg Ross is in the 60-year-old picture stood in the back row on the far right-hand side.

The 15th Matlock Scouts began in 1952 in humble surroundings in Starkholmes but soon moved to Huntsbridge Recreation Ground in Matlock Green into a former prisoner of war hut.

Reg was not only involved with the Scouts, but also played football for Matlock Town FC.

Mr Butler named another face in the crowd, Margaret Shaw, who sent the photographs to him from Canada, who is third from the right on the front row of the snap.

Do you know who any of the other people on the photograph are?

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