Take a trip to see Twycross Zoo's new tigers

One of Twycross Zoo's tigers.
One of Twycross Zoo's tigers.

If you fancy a trip to the zoo this summer, why not head to Twycross to meet its two wild new arrivals?

Twycross Zoo has recently welcomed two critically endangered Sumatran tigers – Jahly and Sialang – and visitors can now see them as they settle in to their new enclosure.

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The male and female pair are being kept separate at the moment but the big cats can see and smell each other and the zoo is hoping they may breed successfully in the future.

The WWF estimate that there are now less than 400 Sumatran tigers in the wild, with deforestation and poaching posing a risk to the remaining numbers. With fears that this type of tiger could soon become extinct, the birth of any captive tiger cubs would help protect and conserve the species for the future.

And to celebrate the tigers joining the Leicestershire tourist attraction, there is a BRICKLIVE Big Cats exhibition throughout the school summer holidays until September 2.

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Visitors to the zoo will be able to spot 12 models made from almost 750,000 Lego bricks, including lion cubs, Liam and Lita, Padma the panther and Lenora the African leopard.

One of the new tigers at Twycross Zoo.

One of the new tigers at Twycross Zoo.

However, the zoo isn’t just about big cats – there are more than 500 animals from 125 different species and it is home to the largest collection of primates in Europe.

Twycross is the only place in Britain where you can see all four types of great ape – the gorilla, the chimpanzee, the orangutan and the bonobo.

There are also plenty of places for children to let off steam with a number of outdoor play areas and a Wet'n'Wild splash zone where they can cool down from the hot weather. For an additional charge, they can also scamper around a soft play area and try their hand at driving an electric-powered safari car.

Admission prices to the zoo during the summer holidays are £10 for children and £15 per adult, if booked online in advance.

Did you know:

Sumatran tigers are the smallest subspecies;

They have been around for two million years;

They have narrow stripes;

Their roars can be heard from two miles away;

They use their whiskers to pick up on vibrations given off from prey.