Tansley team mystery

Tansley football club
Tansley football club

This photograph from Mercury photographer Paul Robinson’s archive is a real mystery.

Apart from the fact that it shows a football team, there is very little else for us to go on.

The information on the back of the photograph says that it is a picture of a team from Tansley and has the names of the players, but there is no clue to when or where the picture might have been taken.

Standing on the back row, with their arms crossed against a blustery wind, from left to right are D Swift, D Flint, C Cresswell, C Stone, S Baker and W Swift.

Crouching down on the front row from left to right are P Gould, A Smith, G Jamieson, K Jamieson and K Baker.

The photograph is in black and white, so it is difficult to tell even what colour the team’s kit is.

Can you shed any light on when this picture of a Tansley football team was taken? Were you a member of the team? Do you have any memories of the team? If so, let us know.