Top singers get awards

prize-winning choir: Matlock Choir pictured in 1922.
prize-winning choir: Matlock Choir pictured in 1922.

In 1922 this group of well-dressed men claimed a range of trophies for their singing talents.

Matlock Choir, pictured here with several of their accolades, competed at events around the country and racked up many national awards.

This photo was also brought in to the Mercury by Pam Wildgoose.

The choir was led by LG Wildgoose and then his son Harold took over.

Pam’s late husband Geoffrey Wildgoose, a prominent solicitor in the area, was Harold’s son. The choir stayed in the Wildgoose family and was later led by Harold’s daughter Gloria.

Pam found the photograph in her husband’s collection.

She added: “The choir for years competed at Blackpool Festival and one year they won a national competition in London.

“They also held lots of concerts for charity.”

The choir was prominent in the town for many years before folding only a few years ago.