Tram trip into the past

Crown Square in 1909
Crown Square in 1909

This photograph was taken from a newspaper clipping, although it is uncertain exactly when it was printed.

The shot itself suggests it was taken in 1909, and shows a very different-looking Crown Square in Matlock compared to how it is today.

It looks down towards the bridge across the River Derwent from the corner of Bank Road.

Without the need for traffic measures, people can be strolling leisurely across the road.

However, there is a tram in view which formed part of the Matlock Cable Tramway that ran up Bank Road, and was the steepest in the world.

It was inspired by the cable cars of San Francisco but was closed in 1927.

The old tram stop with it’s clock and crown on top can be seen on the right-hand side, in front of where the Peli Deli cafe now stands.

This was later moved from Crown Square and into Hall Leys Park where it remains today. With benches on all four sides and shelter from the elements, it is still utilised.