Who is this explorer?

Memory Lane 3
Memory Lane 3

This is another photograph from the Matlock Mercury’s vast archive – and it’s a real shot in the dark.

We don’t have any information to go on at all, just the images in the photograph itself.

We’re assuming that the man in the centre of the picture is something to do with Matlock, but it’s not clear what.

Obviously, the picture was not taken in this country. It looks like it was probably taken in Africa, but whereabouts in Africa is a mystery.

The man in the centre has a particularly impressive moustache, and in his pale pink shirt, pale grey shorts and walking boots, he looks like something out of a 1950s Boy’s Own adventure. The large wooden staff he is clutching simply adds to the effect.

We’d be fascinated to know if anyone can help us identify who this man is and where and when the picture was taken.

If you can help, please get in touch with the newsdesk, as we’d dearly like to know what the picture is all about.