£4m refurb will bring Matlock Bath hotel back to life

PICS & VIDEO: Matlock Bath’s cherished New Bath Hotel is set to be renovated and re-opened in a £4-million project.

Much speculation has surrounded plans for the hotel – assuming it wasn’t left to rot indefinitely, but the Mercury can reveal that now its new owners have raised the cash to go ahead with a full refurbishment and bring the classic hotel back to it’s former glory.

Matlock Bath's New bath Hotel pre renovation pictures. Richard Senior in front of the entrance.

Matlock Bath's New bath Hotel pre renovation pictures. Richard Senior in front of the entrance.

Asset manager Richard Senior, who is behind the operation to rebuild the hotel’s reputation as a central venue in the community, said various rumours were circulating about the future of the grade-II listed building.

The London-based business, who will also oversee management of the hotel as it re-opens, added: “There seems to be a lot interest in what’s happening with the hotel. Various people just appeared and start asking what’s going on, and a couple of days ago I heard people saying they were convinced it was being turned into flats.”

The hotel closed in 2012 and was bought by a group of private investors two months ago.
And Mr Senior said the funds were in place to get to work as soon as possible – with close to £4 million being invested into it – and renovation work is due to commence within the next few months.

“We are hoping to have the builder and architect together to start the renovation work in early September,” he added. “Our plan is to essentially go into the hotel and carry out all the structural work, go from room to room and deal with them because there’s been no ventilation so there’s quite a lot of water damage, and get it back to a good four-star standard.

“We’re going to change the whole concept of the restaurant which is an odd space at the moment because it’s broken up by arches, so we want to open it up and take out the arches – we could use the light from the internal garden to light up the whole place, and give it a nice modern, pleasant atmosphere.

“We need to address the bar and lounge area and lighten those up,

“We want it to be a focus for the community – to have a good brasserie-style restaurant that residents will want to use, and get the ballroom up and running and turn it into a splendid venue which people will want to hold big events like weddings and dinners.

As a resident who lives across from the hotel, Matlock Town Councillor Peter Baranek said was keen to see the building restored.

He added: “The village has got a vested interest in seeing the hotel being refurbished and bringing more people into the area. Matlock Bath needs a large area for functions, it needs this style of venue and an awful lot of people have fond memories there, so it would nice for them to have their hotel back.”