£88,300 to reduce Bakewell cattle market noise

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breaking news

The council is proposing to spend £88,300 to reduce noise at a busy cattle market following complaints from people living nearby.

Derbyshire Dales District Council has created a noise management plan for the cattle market held at the Agricultural Business Centre (ABC), in Bakewell, in partnership with Bagshaws Auctioneers, which runs the event.

The plan features measures such as reducing the use of steam cleaners and investigating the feasibility of planting on banking to the rear of the site.

Members of the council’s environment committee will debate whether to implement and fund the plan at a meeting on Thursday night, May 15.

If approved the money will be taken from the authority’s capital programme.

The noise management plan has come about after a controversial proposal to build a 5.5 metre high wall around the ABC was refused by councillors following public outcry.

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