A big thank you from dogs

Jasper and Diamond from The Gate at Tansley, would like to thank all its customers for donating to the Retired Greyhound Trust, a sum of £51.

We know how much that helps our fellow pensioners to find caring and loving parents.

A big wet thank you from us both and we now have an empty box on the bar. But there is more news, because we are now getting very excited about the Beer and Music Festival on the August 27 and 28, called ‘CLAYFEST’.

It’s called that in memory of Timmy Clay, who loved his music and had a way with any animals, we wish we had met him, we think biscuits and cuddles would have been in abundance.

There are going to be 15 different bands over the two days and lots of different cask beers.

So everyone is welcome, please bring your dogs, so we can make some new friends.

Tom and Hilary Connor of The Gate, would also like to thank everyone for their kind generosity and petting our two great, loving dogs when they come in. Every dog gets a doggie biscuit, when they come to visit.

Jasper and Diamond