A greener Amber Valley?

When you read that ministers say they want to see “better, bigger, more and joined” habitats for wildlife, protecting urban green space, and using areas alongside roads and railways as “green corridors” as well as making management of the countryside greener, you think have they got any idea of what the people of Ripley have been asked to consider?

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, said conserving green spaces in towns and cities, including derelict land, had a huge benefit for local people, and was backed by measures in the recent planning reforms which allowed for the designation of green areas to protect them.

But it seems people not only in Ripley but Heanor, Codnor, Waingroves, Marehay, and Swanwick, are not happy about losing their public open space and countryside.

I don’t think they see it getting any greener in Amber Valley.

N.W. Packham