A sign of the times ahead

Anyone who has ever driven through France before the days of the sat nav will know that our Gallic cousins treat road signs with the same relaxed attitude they have to health and safety and building schedules.

You could drive round for hours trying to find your way - until finally stumbling on a way-marker which reveals you’re 50 miles off course.

Over here, it seems we have the opposite problem, with signs sprouting like a rash all across the countryside.

Many of these, quite rightly are vitally important to drivers, warning of dangers and road hazards ahead.

But the county council has revealed this week it is spending £40,000 removing unnecessary signs that can cause confusion for drivers (see page 5).

Nobody can argue that a less cluttered countryside, bereft of pointless and duplicated signs would be welcome.

But it does seem a strange priority for limited road funding when so many of our streets and highways are pock-marked and riddled with pot-holes.

Drivers would surely welcome better - and safer- road surfaces before money is spent on pulling down pointless signs...