Act now to save greenfield site

The first application to develop a greenfield site on the north of Matlock has been lodged.

It proposes 65 houses on the Bentley Bridge site which is diagonally opposite the golf course on the Chesterfield Road.

We have been advised by an experienced planning consultant that if development is approved at Bentley Bridge - the remotest of all the recently proposed sites - no other site closer to Matlock could withstand a developer appealing against refusal.

Bentley Bridge is far from being an ideal site.

There is no footpath link to Matlock without crossing the busy main road, the access will be close to Highfield School and the houses on the upper slopes of the site highly visible.

Derbyshire Dales District Council has not made sufficient provision for current housing needs, never mind for future requirements.

If your readers want to help save Matlock’s greenfield sites and encourage development on readily available brownfield sites they should email planning@derbyshiredales.gov.uk objecting to this proposal.

Keith Brown

Quarry Lane


What do you think about the housing development? Email your comments to news@matlockmercury.co.uk