Address causes parking dispute

A TOWN centre resident has criticised the district council after her application for a paid-for parking permit with her apartment was rejected.

Deborah Britland lives above Costa Coffee on the corner of Matlock’s Crown Square, but says she was turned down because her address is officially Bank Road.

The entrance to the building is on Bank Road, but most of the flat extends along Crown Square and Causeway Lane, with the iconic steel crown even sitting above her living room.

Had her address been Crown Square, she claims she would have been eligible to apply for the £196-a-year pass for the Parkhead bays opposite her lounge window.

The 42-year-old, who lives with her two daughters in the modern four-bedroom pad, said: “I was told by a friend that the parking spaces were available and thought it would be brilliant.

“You only have five minutes to bring shopping up from the loading bay outside.

“They are trying to tell me that I’m not a resident of Crown Square- but the crown is above my living room!

“My view is the roundabout and the building is all along Causeway Lane.

“It’s £196 a year and I’m willing to pay it- I would pay £300 because I would no longer need to worry about my car. Councils say they need all this money, I’m willing to pay and they won’t take it, it’s ridiculous.”

Currently Deborah is forced to move her Ford Focus several times a day around the town to avoid fines from traffic wardens.

“My car has been keyed to death parked in the town centre but there’s no point getting it fixed because it will happen again. At least if it was parked in that parking area there is CCTV and I could keep an eye on it.”

In response, a spokesman for Derbyshire Dales District Council said: “We’re investigating this complaint but because all parking spaces are in any case fully subscribed at Parkhead, the best we could do for any new applicants who meet criteria for this small parking area would be to put them on a waiting list.

“There are only eight spaces in total and priority is naturally given to the businesses that operate there and to residential flats above the businesses.”