Affordable homes needed

As a lifelong resident of Youlgrave I feel the need to comment on the recent article titled Green Plan on Land for Housing.

The “alley committee” say that the houses are not necessary because there are many houses for sale in the village.

The missing word here is AFFORDABLE (to young couples and families who have lived in the village all their lives).

The chairman of the alley committee states that this field has been used by walkers, dog walkers, etc, and even as a fairground.

This does not make it a village green (do they want us to believe that Tim Ray and others simply turned up with their rides and stalls and set up camp without permission and free of charge, because anybody who has lived there long enough will remember it differently!)

As for it being an “important open space”, surprisingly, it only seems to have become important since plans to build on it were revealed.

In the recent parish council elections, three members of the “alley committee” (including the chairman) stood as candidates, (maybe this was just coincidence).

Finally, the photo that accompanies the article has at least one person on it that is not a resident of Conksbury Lane.

It seems to be a classic case of NIMBY (not in my backyard).

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