Animal welfare top priority in the Dales

A CHARITY is pledging to change the welfare of animals in the Dales forever.

The RSPCA hopes taking five pledges it will make a significant difference to animal welfare.

The charity is committing to:

- increase the proportion of UK farm animals reared in higher welfare systems.

- end the over-population of companion animals and tackle related issues.

- reduce the number of exotic animals kept as pets & increase their humane care.

- end euthanasia of any rehomeable animal.

- reduce the number of animals in the UK who undergo severe suffering when used in experiments.

The charity’s chief executive, Gavin Grant, said: “For far too long, animals in this country have suffered from people’s cruelty, ignorance or neglect, and unfortunately some of these problems are getting even worse.

“Enough is enough, and that’s why we’re committing to doing our level best over the next five years to tackle some of these issues.

“Today we’re giving a clear and unambiguous message to the public about our priorities, and hopefully showing the scale of our ambition to make the world a better place for animals.”