Appeal from mum after attack on son

NDET 12-9-12 MC 3'ernadette Naylor by the scene of where her 16 year old son was attacked.
NDET 12-9-12 MC 3'ernadette Naylor by the scene of where her 16 year old son was attacked.

A DISTRAUGHT mother is appealing for witnesses to come forward after her teenage son was dragged into a car and brutally attacked with a crowbar.

Bernadette Naylor described how her son, Patrick Muxlow, was walking through Matlock Green when youths in a parked car signalled for him to come over.

The 16-year-old, who no longer lives with his mother, attempted to ignore the youths but the silver car suddenly pulled up alongside him. One of the passengers jumped out of the vehicle and grabbed Curtis by the throat – forcing him into the back seat of the car.

Once inside, the thugs ‘smashed’ Curtis in the face with a crowbar causing his head to be slashed open.

Bernadette said: “They then drove him up to the cliff in Tansley and told him to take his trousers off – which he refused to do.

“So they took his boots off him, stole his mobile phone and money, then dragged him back out of the car and warned him not to report the incident to the police because they knew where he lived.”

The gang of youths hit Curtis with the crowbar several more times before driving away and leaving him more than a mile from his flat.

Following the vicious attack, Curtis was taken to Chesterfield Royal Hospital after his friends called for an ambulance.

Upon arrival he required numerous stitches to his facial wounds.

Bernadette said: “His face is black and blue and he is terrified to go back to his flat in Matlock now.”

His mother is hopeful that the thugs behind the attack will be brought to justice.

Bernadette said: “He’s such a good boy and he could have been killed in this attack.”

While there are no descriptions of the attackers, police have confirmed the incident took place and are encouraging witnesses to come forward.

Anyone who has information about the attack, which took place in Matlock Green at 9.15pm on Sunday, August 2, is urged to ring 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.