Are we getting value for money from police?

I note with interest in the media recently that the Police proportion of the Council Tax in the coming year is to increase by 1.94% which coincidentally is just below the 2% figure at which I understand formal agreement of the Council Tax payers has to be obtained.

One further fact worthy of note is that, over the last 9 years (2004/5 to 2012/13) the police proportion has increased by some 33% whilst that for the County Council has only increased by 20%.

No doubt we are now being asked to contribute to the new Police Commissioner’s salary as well as the additional staff he feels he needs to carry out his duties.

I just ask - are we getting value for money in these times of austerity. Shouldn’t the Police be expected to hold their costs to that of the previous year in the same way the County Council and all there employees are expected to do.

Richard Binns

Darley Bridge.