Art centre is a reckless idea

RE: Art facility plans for park building (Matlock Mercury, July 7).

Is this a joke? When I read this feature today I had to question myself as to what date it is, could it be April 1? Do those who put forward these proposals think that we are all fools?

Many local shops have closed in the past because they cannot afford the ever-increasing rents, and here we have the District Council recommending a 21 year lease at a cost of £1 per year for a building that is not as big as my kitchen, and believe me I have to negotiate a three point turn to get out there sometimes.

The public have a right to know where the funding is coming from for this scheme. For over a decade up until recently we have asked for new toilets, but due to the cash strapped District Council all our complaints have been kicked into the long grass.

So “Create Matlock” want community space and art work shops, they want to promote educational projects as well as run activities for organisations. Just where do they propose to accommodate all this – cuckoo land?

To spend money on major refurbishments on such a small building would be reckless and unacceptable, and when it comes to the subject of foot fall from visitors and local people they would require a hefty shoe horn to squeeze more than half a dozen people in there at any one time.

I am all in favour of anything that adds improvement and attraction to our town, however, I say without any reservations that if and when the building is turned into a community hub, it could turn out to be a white elephant. It may seem practical in theory, however, I say get your brains into gear and turn the wheels towards constructive thinking and cutting edge green technology. Does that mean that the revamped ammo store will have an awe inspiring view of the bowling green?

You have asked us what we think of the park building. In my opinion the whole thing should be scrapped and the cost of the work should be utilised and put to better use. The District Council should join forces with the relevant groups and reflect upon the powers of wisdom, therefore donating that money to create a future for those whose plight we are all witnessing on the media at the present time. However much we try, we cannot begin to comprehend the level of misery and pain that the ravages of starvation inflicted upon these impoverished families. No one will ever persuade me to believe that this is anything other than evil. Even as I write I am hearing that the British Aid Agency has launched an urgent appeal, babies are dying in their mothers arms and I find it so upsetting.

Let us all concentrate on where our hearts and thoughts should really be and make a generous donation now, if I can do it, so can you. Their survival depends on us and it is our moral duty to be there for them, please do not turn away from your television, just take a look into the eyes of a malnourished child and you will see how cruel and predetermined fate can really be.

Dorothy Corker