Artefacts were in the archive

Re: letter from Patricia Batstone (Mercury, October 13) – these artefacts were passed on to Wirksworth Heritage Centre when it opened in 1984. They comprised cap, scarf, spectacles and a leather drawstring purse. There were no gloves.

They were placed on open display, before I became involved with the Centre, but sadly the cap was stolen. The other artefacts were removed for safe keeping to the Centre’s archive. Experts have questioned the authenticity of the spectacles.

They were loaned formally to the Englesea Brook Museum of Methodism a number of years ago, when it staged a display as part of anniversary celebrations. I believe that Elizabeth’s preaching pulpit was also displayed, which had been donated to them by the Adam Bede Methodist Church. The items were returned to the Heritage Centre and replaced in the Archive, where they still were when I retired at the end of 2009.

Marian Vaughan

Former chair of Trustees, Wirksworth Heritage Centre