GENEAOLOGY: Members of All Saints Church, Ashover, had a lesson in genealogy on Sunday from the Rector, the Revd. Ralph Lawrence.

He asked them “Who do you think you are?” and went on to invite everyone in the church to complete a spiritual family tree which demonstrated that all worshippers were actually descended from Abraham. The Rector went on to examine the story of Abraham (who was prepared to sacrifice his own son, Isaac), and asked the congregation a second question -“What is the most precious thing in your life and are you prepared to surrender it to God?” Church member Margaret Montague said later: “It was certainly a very different and thought-provoking Sunday morning experience.” Three short sketches on the Abraham story featured Nigel Early, Margaret Montague, Ron Eyley, Sheila Allen, Lucy Evans and Sarah Evans. Molly Chatfield read the lesson and prayers were led by children in the congregation with support from Anna Bell and Sarah Evans. The children also performed a ‘Father Abraham’ song with actions which church members joined in. Pianist was Ruth Russell.

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