Badger cull: the arguments against


Campaigners are calling for vaccination of badgers, rather than a cull.

Debbie Bailey of the The High Peak Badger Group, who joined Queen guitarist Brian May on an recent anti-cull demonstration, said: “The Government is saying ‘anything to do something for the farmers’.

“All we’re asking for is to get a vaccination programme.”

“They haven’t got any proof whatsoever that culling badgers is the answer, it’s all just political.”

Debbie and other members of the group visited Somerset recently to make the Stand Up For Badgers film, which urges people to protect their native badgers.

Fellow HPBG member David Brock blamed modern intensive farming practices, such as artificial insemination and the way cattle is moved around for the spread of the illness.

“It is depleting the gene pool of these cattle herds,” he said.

“The immune systems of cattle are so low they are susceptible to illness.

“The Government has decided something has got to be done and in its infinite wisdom it’s decided to slaughter wildlife.”