Bakewell targeted in animal rights protest demo

Protesters enraged by allegations of animal cruelty at an abattoir are planning a demonstration in Bakewell this weekend.

The protesters will be meeting outside the Rutland Hotel at noon on Saturday and are targeting Red Lion Meat Packers Ltd, based in Rowland, near Bakewell, which owns the Red Lion abattoir.

The Cheshire slaughterhouse hit the national press last month when a shocking film was released, showing horses being mistreated by workers.

The abattoir is now the subject of an investigation by the Food Standards Agency and the RSPCA.

Protest organiser, Jackie Jones, who lives in Cheshire, said the planned event will be peaceful.

She has however acknowledged that some extremist animal rights activists have tried to infiltrate her online campaign.

The police’s Special Branch counter terrorism unit has been alerted after extremist threats were sent to the abattoir and its owners.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: “Officers will be in the town to facilitate a safe and peaceful protest.”

The abattoir remains open while the investigation continues, however Jackie has set up an online petition to have it closed down for good.

To view the petition, visit

The Bakewell protest had initially been planned for last Saturday, however organisers postponed it in favour of carrying out a second protest at the abattoir itself with the hope of preventing more horses from being slaughtered there.